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Petronet LNG

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I wonder now all of you so called pundits here coming up with your 2 paisa, who basically dont even understand the difference between you own asssss n your own elbow, who consider that petronets down trend was cause of oil prices, can you explain the rocket science behind petronet going up today when the oil prices are still even higher than yeserday, can you please explain, thats if you have the knowledge to do so, some of you here are so pathetic you dont even know basis maths but claim to know all about oil n gas, fantastic, so if you fart, do you even know if that is oil or gas, but you seem to know everything, lost is duds have come to this board since the stock made an up move today, where were you dick heads earlier??????? Guys some of us here are veterans, so you can try blowing that sunshine somewhere else, cheers.

12.30 AM May 18th
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