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Yes i have recently started sharing my opinions on such platforms...prior to this i never did that...yes best of luck to you also for Delta....but gnfc is not a short term story.its my sincere advise to those people who actually want to make money in short term pls look for some other stock..this stock will takes its own time....magic will not happen overnight ..yes this stock will touch new highs and we also see this stock in 4 digits but for that we have to give time..especially in Gnfc only those people will make money who buy this in dips and use it as an oppertunity..gnfc not only deals in TDI there are other chemicals as well...which will give boost to company..2019 is near and oposition will try to trap modi government for oil prices. As per Niti Ayog report they have passed the plan to central government to cut down oil prices by adding 15%Mathanol chemical..which will cut down oil price very effectively ..just a matter of time we might witness this.In abroad they use this chemical and it is tried and tested plan...just a matter of time

12.49 AM Aug 13th
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