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sandipan why i said this bcz in gnfc you only give sell call you never said we can accumulate it for good target amd in stock market no body can make money by just selling ..gnfc has a good fundamentals..and i only invest in that company who has good fundamentals and unique business...well as far as my knowledge is concern i am in the stock market since 2007 ..i have seen global recession which came in 2008..lehman i know where to invest and where not to invest...i never say i know everything no body is perfect and even people like big bull rakesh jhunjhunwala also make stock market there are stocks who never work on any fundamentals and neither on Heg, Venkys..Delta principal of investing is different..there is a difference which we need to understand trading, Short term and then comes investment we have to understand our goal first for which we are aiming i never give short calls bcz i know money can only be made in stock market if you invest in good company with paitence...patience is only the key to success..but you underestimate others as a sincere advise never do that ..if you actually want to earn money...thats my is your decission..i never doubt on any body knowledge but there is a very thin line between smart and over smart...yes for delta i am also aiming for 450 target within 6 months but i will again add it when it will come to happy trading from my end..and i wish you also make money in this ocean..

12.05 AM Aug 13th
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