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morepen lab. 2016-17, consolidated turnover( net income) was 602.90 crores & 3 months ended at 31-06-2017, was only 122 crores plus but it is increased of nearly 10% plus , compared to corresponding qtr. . ........if ML increases in it`s revenue in same manner , then we may see a good qtrs. are in ahead of writing may be in nature of spamming as my investment in morepen lab . is more than millions rupees ,( market price) presently....... so, take our own decision , it may happen, tomorrow market may collapse & similarly morepen lab. or, market may collapse & morepen lab. goes up & be standstill at 25/, it is my idea & anybody may have different idea.......they may express with out answering me....... but if you ask me ? ??? .....what is the future of morepen lab., then I will say , .........56/- & 66/- plus by December 17......& jab chalu hoga taab .......hoga ek bacchus khel.,....,ha ha ha bacchus khel ........& again I will be ready for next worldwide tour with many orphans....... ha ha ha......Ratan gangopadhyay

11.07 PM Oct 12th
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