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Deccan Gold

Platinum Member

13429 Messages

Why the hell you have all separate rules for others and for yourselves all normal, what sort of act is that??? RULES apply to all. if you have the right to do something here all have same right. But You guys apply all rules to others NOT TO YOURSELVES. SO what if someone is reposting msgs in other board, how does that irk you?? what is your damn problem if capi or anyone reposts anywhere. MY QUESTION is why are you following my posts which are not for You guys. or anyone who does not want to follow. Please ignore my posts and do not follow or implement, just follow what you have been doing for years. I am posting for someone else. WHo are you all to say not to post here or there. Just go get some right Thought if you can from anywhere to understand what you are posting makes any sense.

12.27 AM Aug 14th
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