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why are you so keen on reading any of my posts. even this, please stop reading or responding to my posts. as you all do not care for my posts, do not read or follow. if you read my posts then you are absolute swindler swaying and lying to all that you dont. atleast try to hate properly. why do that by hiding and lying that you dont read or follow them, and go again to read all my posts. Just dont care abt any of my posts,. MMb is not yours or your pops, I have the right to post in any board equally as much as anyone else here. But You dont have any right to read my post and LIE. if you read say You are reading them. WHY DO SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE??? all of You always said You ignoring my posts. Where ??? I m posting for anyone who is following me and Just to THEM. not who is not interested in. So Kindly STOP READING thru my posts or comment and Please ignore my posts. They are Not For DDs of DGML. They are for REST OF ALL, who ever has any sense to understand what I convey to the Investor. NOT FOR YOU ALL. So Please RELAX by just not reading any of my posts anywhere. DO NOT FOLLOW and continue your show.

12.21 AM Aug 14th
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