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My msg posted on Avanti Board on 20-o3-17, 27-04-17 & 28-04-2017: Probably, Avanti is one of the best companies in making, in India. Buy on every dip and forget. 100% on all parameters of legendary Warren Buffet. Continuously expanding without any loan / High dividend payouts/ Promoter`s efficiency, sincerity, hard work are of highest level . The whole hearted partnership with world leader of this line - Thai Union of Thailand assures multiple strength for company in every aspect. A low PE comparing to Nifty Midcap 50 (less than half) tells that company is available at dirt price. Avanti s main raw material for feed making is fishmeal, international price of which is going remarkably down for past 4 months continuously and prices of other inputs are also either coming down or maximum stable whereas Shrimp prices are going up day by day after the downtrend from May 2014 to Oct 2015. New huge demand is being seen all over the world for past over a year or so, mainly governed by people s growing income and willingness to spend money for a better lifestyle. Suppliers are unable to meet with this demand because of this or that problem in producing countries, like disease in Thailand and some other countries. In fact it is a very lengthy process which needs patience of years to have products whose standard are acceptable at USA & EU. Avanti s Competitive Advantage (CA or to say MOAT) is great and getting thicker with every passing day as the company is working at grass-root level with Shrimp farmers from the very beginning to educate them about best practices in the sector. Thus the company is able to meet with the stricter norms of USA and EU. The farmers can not even think to switch over to other feed manufacturers due to these stricter norms and also due to their decades old relationship with the company. New frozen shrimp plant of multifold capacity will enable the company to reach to consumers home directly. This great value addition will surely take Avanti to a new orbit of growth. With a 4 years CAGR increase of 51.2% in Revenue and 53.4% in PAT, Avanti is a great company in true sense, still seems in it s childhood, looking to the big ideas under speedy implementation. A PEG ratio of 0.46 (standard is 1.0) is seen rarely which indicates that there is ample scope of price appreciation in the script. Disclaimer : Invested since 2011

7.31 PM Aug 12th
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