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You are Here : FAQ

Commonly asked questions on MMB

  • How to post a message?

    One can post a message on the messageboard by using the post a message box on all pages as well as the one on the menu.

  • Can I post messages through mobile?

    One can post messages from the moneycontrol wap site also from the moneycontrol app. One can also SMS M3 <your message> to 51818 and your post will get instantly published on the board.

  • Is there any other way I can post messages?

    One can post messages via email too. Mail your message to and it will get instantly published on the board.

  • Is there a character limit while posting messages?

    No there is no character limit. But messages posted within 200 characters are best viewed on the mobile screens on our mobile internet platform.

  • Where can I find my messages?

    Your messages will appear in your messages section on your page. You can also see replies to your messages, your rated messages and messages of boarders, topics and stocks you are following on the same page.

  • Can I edit my message?

    You can not edit your message once it has been published. There is no restriction on the number of messages that can be posted by a user.

  • Can I rate a message?

    All boarders except guests can rate messages. You cannot rate your own message.

  • Can I see all my messages that have been rated by other boarders?

    You can view all your messages that have been rated by other boarders on your page under Rated messages.

  • Can I report a message?

    All users can report the message if they find the content offensive and if it does not adhere to the code of conduct.

  • Can I share a message?

    You can share a message on facebook, twitter, google buzz. You can also email the message to your friends and network.

  • What is repost?

    A user can repost a message he likes and wants to endorse. On reposting the message will show in the latest stream of messages. A user cannot repost his own message.

  • Can I address a message to another boarder?

    Yes after writing the message you can address your message to any boarder you are following. Addressing messages to other boarder will help build your network.

  • My Messages don’t appear on the board immediately?

    New boarders, red flagged boarders and guests are not given auto publishing rights immediately. There is a screening period during which the Moderator scans the message for offensive content and then publishes the message.

  • Where can I find my old messages

    You will find all your old messages in the archives. Please click on the archive link on your page in your messages section.

  • What are private messages and how do I post one?

    Private messages can be addressed to one particular boarder and can be viewed only by him. The messages will appear only on his boarder page and not on the general forum. A reply to this private message will also be a private one.

  • Why do I need a nickname on the messageboard?

    Boarders on the messageboard prefer staying anonymous a nickname ensure that your real identity is never revealed on the board.

  • Can I upload my picture on the board?

    Yes you can upload your picture on your profile page. Please do not upload offensive pictures containing children, pets, cartoons, celebrities, nudity, artwork or copyrighted images. If the picture is not in JPG, GIF, or PNG file or it is more then 500KB also it will not be uploaded.

  • Can I upload my profile details on the board?

    You can upload your profile information on your page. Please refrain from using this space for advertising.

  • What are my other privileges?

    You can post messages, reply, address boarder and rate other boarder’s messages. You can also moderate the forum and remove offensive content from the board. The moderator will screen these messages and decide if the content should be permanently removed from the board.

  • What is Silver, Gold and Platinum circle?

    We allot points to the boarders based on his activity level on the forum, the number of messages posted by him, replies to his messages, the ratings of his messages and total number of followers. Boarders with the highest number of points are clubbed in the platinum list and so forth.

  • Who are guest boarders?

    Guest boarders are not registered members of moneycontrol. A user can sign in as a guest to post a message but they don’t have the privileges of rating, reposting or moderating a message.

  • How do I build my network on the board?

    Messageboard is a place where you meet both people looking for advice in stocks as well as the stock market gurus. You can network with people with similar goals and investing profiles. You can also follow users who give useful advice on stocks and markets.

  • Who should I follow here?

    Platinum boarders – these boarders are the ones with maximum following on the board and they post good quality message. One should follow boarders who actively post message on the stocks one is following. One should follow boarders with whom one interacts on a regular basis.

  • Why should I follow stocks here?

    You can track tips and price sensitive information on all the stocks in your watchlist and your portfolio here.


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