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You are Here : Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

MMB Code of Conduct is derived from three interlinked fundamental principles, viz. Message board membership, Exemplary personal conduct and Message board moderation.

MMB Membership:
MMB is a professionally managed platform and the core value underlying our corporate philosophy is "Knowledge Sharing". We believe this platform has been handed to us by the various stakeholders in "trust" and we as professionals are the "trustees" of these stakeholders. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the platform is managed in a manner that protects and furthers the interests of our stakeholders. We recognize entire MMB community has to be useful and helpful in terms of knowledge sharing in real-time and therefore it is part of our responsibility to practice good MMB Membership. It is also our belief that in order to serve the interests of our stakeholders in perpetuity, we must build MMB into an upgraded platform whose dynamic real time knowledge sharing is its core value.

Personal Conduct
All boarders, followers, new thread/topic initiators have the obligation to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and act in the best interest of the MMB at all times. They are expected to demonstrate exemplary personal conduct and should not involve in any of the following activities :

  • Personal attacks - name calling, insulting, Insensitive references to any race, sex, religion, caste or linguistic community etc - on other boarders.
  • Statements that are deliberately made to evoke outrage
  • Verbal violence or threats
  • Offensive or abusive language
  • Blatant and mischievous misrepresentation of facts
  • Spamming - obsessive repetitiveness
  • Malafide insinuations related to the integrity, probity and judgment of the MMB Team
  • All caps messages are considered SHOUTING on the Internet.
  • Messages with commercial content will not be permitted –
  • Moneycontrol is media vehicles paid for by advertisers and so we discourage the exchange of phone numbers; email address, Internet groups on the MMB.

Message board moderation :
All the transgressions, as mentioned in personal conduct section will be subject solely to the judgment of the MMB Moderator. Depending on the nature and severity of the transgression committed, the MMB Moderator reserves the right to invoke any/all of the following sanctions:

  • Deleting the offending message
  • Revoking the auto-publishing rights of a boarder
  • Red-flag the profile of boarder

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary mentioned herein, please note that the MMB Moderator further reserves the right to delete/remove any messages from the message board at any given point of time without any prior notification, which to the belief of the MMB Moderator are essential for the orderly functioning of the website.
The decision of the MMB Moderator will be final and binding on all boarders who participate on the message board. The MMB also reserves the right to modify the Code of Conduct at any time as it sees fit.


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